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This child was murdered by American forces’ missile attack, one of several this past week. The attacks are indiscriminate and are aimed at ending “terrorism”. According to this report, many of the victims have been civilians.

To See the Link TV Newscast – 2008/05/18 – click on this captured image

United States Missile murdered this Afghani child


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Palestinians had reason to be joyful this Christmas, with all the hotels booked inside what has been turned into a big prison by the Israeli wall of separation. Robert Berger reports for the VOA News from the little town mentioned by the prophets and later recorded by the Gospels as the place of Christ’s birth. Christmas was kicked off this year by Palestinian boy and girl scouts parading. Local clerics and pilgrims from all the corners of the world also joined in the commemorative events at the Church of the Nativity. The events were not disrupted this year by the Israeli forces (Jews do not acknowledge the legitimacy of Palestine nor that of Christ’s birth, while muslims and Christians do).

You can read the full report at the VOA News site. A Blessed Christmas to you and all your loved ones this year.

The Muslim holy day of Eil al Adha coincided this year with Christmas celebration, occurring as it did around the 20th of December. Eid al Adha is the day when Ibrahim (A.S.) obedience to God is recalled (Al-Baqara:196). Eid mubarak to all Muslims all over the world.

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When one hears the word settlement, does one think of 30,000 people? Or when one hears the words negotiating table, do you have an image of people trying their utmost to appear respectful between uneasy stares across a long conference table? Such mixed notions of trust and mistrust in a world desperately crying out for an end to suffering and a nurturing of peace is unfortunately still part of the global landscape and the general rule rather than the exception. When all manner of cunning is thrown to the four winds, and plain offensiveness is placed in its stead, one wonders what all the photo shoots are really about if not to try and stem the growing paucity of images of mistrust already in the psyche of the global public.

More money will soon be approved for spending on housing in an illegal occupation of a disputed area in Jerusalem. All the while, a peace fire continues to evade residents in the disputed areas.

This is according to a report in the New York Times published this Christmas Eve and written by Isabel Kershner entitled Israeli Housing Plan Casts Pall Over Peace Talks. It is easy to dismiss the legitimacy of Palestinians as long as they are continually already branded with labels like fundamentalist or terrorist, but to those of us seeing the overall picture in an historical context, the picture is plain. What is offensive is of course the innocent blood being shed in the name of peace on both sides of the so called divide. What leads to continuation of this affront on humanity is that the legitimacy of a Jewish state is assumed in the minds of Americans because of the way these issues are presented to them. Any group that even half insinuates that Israeli terror should be halted is branded as being on the lunatic fringe. At the same time, the birthright of the millions of displaced refugees of Palestine is held as a reward in the sky, because of the self-defensive actions or the resistance to the offensive and terroristic actions of the decision makers in Tel Aviv. These defensive actions are presented as terrorism, while the real terror is presented as a defense. In so doing, the intensity of the violent nature of the state of Israel is not appreciated by the viewers who are presented with false images, thousands of miles across the Atlantic. The dehumanisation of the checkpoints and the wall that defines the limits of the concentration camp that is the occupation remains invisible and concealed. As concealed as the rest of the lies in this so called war on terror. The excesses of the state of terror are explained as a justified excess to the terror driven by mad men bent on removing all democratic freedom on the face of the globe. The orange clothed victims of torture, as stark an image as that is to us on the outside, remains hidden because of the fear instilled in the American psyche. The obvious lie of the sky scrapers being demolished in plain view, are the same lies that drove two wars, and so on, and so on.

Let us not forget that the American public continues to fund Israeli rule. Israel, one of the wealthiest nations in the world, enjoys more financial aid (mainly from the USA) than any other state in the world. According to one estimate, Israel has the same number of citizens as San Francisco, but receives more aid than all of Sub-Saharan Africa. Why? Because they are victims of a holocaust and they face a threat from terrorism. Why do they face this threat? Read on.

Israeli officials said a Housing and Construction Ministry budget proposal for 2008 included plans to build 500 apartments in Har Homa, a Jewish development in a hotly disputed part of East Jerusalem, and a further 240 apartments in Maale Adumim, the largest Jewish settlement in the Israeli-occupied West Bank with a population of more than 30,000.


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Iranian Jewish community on Tuesday refuted Israeli offer for the Jews to go to the occupied Palestinian territories in return for money.Chairman of Tehran Jewish Committee, Dr Siamak More-Sedegh and Jewish MP, Morris Motamed said in a strongly worded statement that Iranian Jewish citizens will never exchange their identity with money.
Iranian Jews are of the oldest Iranians and love their pure culture and Iranian identity.

The western media had reported that Israel offered 60,000$ reward for attracting Iranian Jewish families to the occupied lands of Palestine.
But Iranian Jewish people do not show any interest in immigration to the occupied territories of Palestine for the reason of enjoying full religious freedom in Iran.


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