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After his address to the 63rd session of the United Nations General Assembly – 23 September 2008

The official UN webcast is in Farsi.

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The President of the Islamic Republic of Iran will feature in a show scheduled to air in full on Wednesday night in the USA.

I managed to find this short excerpt on you tube.

Show Pages – Larry King Live CNN

The entire show is posted on you tube and compiled at “wakeupfromyourslumber.com

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Ahmadinejad Arrives in New York 2008/09/22

President of the Islamic Republic of Iran had these words to say during his striking speech at the United Nations General Assembly a few hours ago.

“The time has come for the IAEA to present a clear report to the international community on its monitoring of the disarmament of the nuclear powers and their nuclear activities”

The president of the Islamic republic stated that his government was open to dialogue and claimed the right to be handled according to international law. “The Iranian nation is for dialogue but it has not accepted and will not accept illegal demands,” Ahmadinejad said. (more…)

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IRIB correspondent Ebrahimi reported on Thurday (May 22nd)

The Islamic Republic of Iran Foreign Ministry has summoned Swiss Charges D’Affaires to Tehran, in the absence of Swiss Ambassador, as the protector of US interests, voicing Tehran’s strong protest to activities of a terrorist anti-Iran group in the US. Throughout this summons, part of documents related to activities of the said terrorist network, which was involved in the explosion in a Husseiniyeh in the south Iranian city of Shiraz, were handed over to Swiss Charges D’Affaires for delivery to related US officials.

Following the discovery and dissolution of a terrorist network in Iran, new aspects of terrorist operations backed up by foreign elements, were revealed. The Islamic Republic of Iran Intelligence Ministry, based on the documents found from operatives, has disclosed the role played by the US, Britain and Zionist regime in organization of a series of terrorist operations in Iran. (more…)

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This child was murdered by American forces’ missile attack, one of several this past week. The attacks are indiscriminate and are aimed at ending “terrorism”. According to this report, many of the victims have been civilians.

To See the Link TV Newscast – 2008/05/18 – click on this captured image

United States Missile murdered this Afghani child

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IRIB correspondent, Mehdi Garamifard interviewed Congressman Dennis Kucinich.

These comments were extracted from the report of that interview.

I think that we need to envision the world as one. The world is interconnected. It is interdependent. We need to start acting on the knowledge of a world as one and not trying to divide the world [on the] basis of religion.

There is a creeping type of thinking which separates the United States from people around the world […] a thinking that says that somehow we have the right to tell the rest of the world how to live.

Yet we do not have to engage in aggression against any nation and we certainly shouldn’t be contemplating aggression against Iran. Iran can be our friend. We need to extend the hand of friendship and not extend the hand which is full of threats.

The congressman made further comments concerning Israel [full report: IRIB]

Lo posted a video of Kucinich speaking about Iraq & Iran [dandelion salad] which caused me to back-pedal on my initial pessimism regarding the 2008 US election. When one observes a fresh breeze of intelligence and integrity, it is like a seed of hope appearing on the horizon. Hope for America and for the world. One should note that Kucinich made these and other rational statements, well before the National Intelligence Estimate released it’s controversial report a few days ago; a report which effectively stymied Bush’s war march and confirmed the validity of the arguments of those opposed to unilateralism and preemptive aggression [report at NPR and Kucinich’s statement].

It is clear, the congressman impressed me to no end. His views reminded me of this movie I saw. It sums up neatly, the lesson he has for the world and for politicians in particular.

(A short film by Iranian Film maker, Abbas Kiarostami. Simply portrayed, a very powerful lesson from the young actors and the film makers.)

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