This is a collection of historical audio, video and e-documents that seriously analyse strategies of government manipulation or efforts to covertly achieve the compliance of the general public. Apart from openly violent physical abuses, I intend to compile here, any documented incidents of falsification and distortion of information, i.e. propaganda, prevention by cooercian to endeavour in research or scientific inquiry, and where the role of religion is abused. Compilatio is by no means ‘complete’.

1. Discrimination

1.1 Audio and video

1.2 e-Documents

FAQ – torrents

2. Inhuman Treatment in Captivity (Prisoner Abuse & Torture)

2.1 Audio & Video

2.2 e-Documents

  • JTF-SOP at Camp Delta (Gitmo Cuba)

3. Military Occupation

3.1 Audio & Video

3.2 e-Documents

4. Mass destruction & Shoot-to-kill

4.1 Audio & Video

4.2 e-Documents

Featured Video

The PEOPLE SHALL GOVERN – John Pilger’s Movie “The War on Democracy”


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