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As you read through this sad report, do yourself a favor and count the number of times the word “maybe” is used to refer to a very definite event which represents a sad loss to  at least 9 families in Afghanistan.

Report by Amir Shah, associated Press
KABUL, Afghanistan – A U.S.-led coalition airstrike mistakenly hit an Afghan army checkpoint Wednesday, killing nine soldiers and wounding three, Afghan officials said.

9 Afghani soldiers Killed in the war on terror

9 Afghani soldiers Killed in the war on terror

The strike hit a checkpoint in the Sayed Kheil area of Khost province in eastern Afghanistan, said Arsallah Jamal, the province’s governor.

The U.S. said its forces “may have mistakenly killed and injured” Afghan soldiers in what may have been a case of mistaken identity “on both sides.”

You can read a blog by a resident in Kabul (click the image of the location of the US killing), or more recent entries by the same blogger after she returned to the USA (wordpress.com) or continue reading this story



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IRIB correspondent Ebrahimi reported on Thurday (May 22nd)

The Islamic Republic of Iran Foreign Ministry has summoned Swiss Charges D’Affaires to Tehran, in the absence of Swiss Ambassador, as the protector of US interests, voicing Tehran’s strong protest to activities of a terrorist anti-Iran group in the US. Throughout this summons, part of documents related to activities of the said terrorist network, which was involved in the explosion in a Husseiniyeh in the south Iranian city of Shiraz, were handed over to Swiss Charges D’Affaires for delivery to related US officials.

Following the discovery and dissolution of a terrorist network in Iran, new aspects of terrorist operations backed up by foreign elements, were revealed. The Islamic Republic of Iran Intelligence Ministry, based on the documents found from operatives, has disclosed the role played by the US, Britain and Zionist regime in organization of a series of terrorist operations in Iran. (more…)

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This child was murdered by American forces’ missile attack, one of several this past week. The attacks are indiscriminate and are aimed at ending “terrorism”. According to this report, many of the victims have been civilians.

To See the Link TV Newscast – 2008/05/18 – click on this captured image

United States Missile murdered this Afghani child

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The videos which show wanton violence and instilling of terror into Iraqis, I would like to believe, depict a minority of the soldiers in Iraq. It is my firm belief, because from what I, like most of you kind readers have learned about humanity, most people in general  (and soldiers in particular) are unaware of what they are being used for. Upon finding themselves in the situation, they become unwilling participators in the abuse of power; and begin behaving in accordance with expectations of their commanders and other anti-social personalities in their company. It becomes at this point of war, a matter of ‘survival’. Most of them (bar the anti social personalities who do not experience any remorse) will eventually deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after combat duty. Their backgrounds being, from working class America, most of these men may have joined the army for good reasons or with good intentions. Having little or inferior eduction, few economic prospects, they are impressionable candidates in the hands of the international terrorists. They become victims of the terrorists sending them to war, and they become terrorists themselves. May God forgive those who lie and send men and women to kill innocents. May God grant strength to those who resist the terrorists who invade in order to terrorise and force people to submit to the new world order and to be manipulated and used.

This is persecution of the “church”. Let us remember that the church is the believing people, and not a building. Are these violent actions justified as a means to safeguard the safety of a force that is unwelcome in Iraq? Does a just army destroy an infrastructure in order to prevent people from defending themselves? Then why are the forces there to begin with? It is clear there is no liberation here.

The first video deals with an assault on a mosque (more…)

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